Tips to ease your wedding worries- Things to consider before booking your wedding DJ

December 4, 2013

Today's world expects so much more of us than it did twenty or thirty years ago and everyone is looking for creative ways to cut corners not only to save money but also to save time. This is especially true for the bride that is trying to maintain her everyday life of work, school, going to the gym, family obligations, paying bills, shopping, and so much more that its not uncommon for me to sit down with a couple and the first word out of their mouths is "whew!". Today I encouter more Doityourself brides who are trying to juggle their already busy schedules while also trying to plan their wedding. Hittman Mobile Music is here to help ease your wedding worries with some tips and things to consider before you booking your wedding DJ.


When booking your wedding DJ where would you start?  Many times brides call up a DJ that they either look up on google or ask a friend for a reference. Both are safe ways to start your search but many times couples initial inquiry is about price. Unfortunately, booking your professional DJ for your wedding is not like driving through a Starucks and ordering a latte. There are a lot of factors when creating an accurate price that many wedding professionals will need before giving you an accurate price. In fact I would be very wary of a DJ who would quote you over the phone without sitting down to meet you and your spouse to be. You need to interview the person on the other end of the line as much as you need to know the price. This person potentially will be standing in front of all of your wedding guests, on the mirophone announcing the days events to three hundred of your closest friends, family, coworkers, and other guest that your mother made you invite. You want a professional, not some college dropout who will offer you a bargin price over the phone of $200 because he needs to pay his parents his monthly rent. And sure your cousin loves music and has a bunch of great playlist on his Iphone, but will your great Aunt Helen be getting down to Usher and Lady Gaga? In life you get what you pay for and it's your job as the excited couple to make sure you're comparing apples to apples. Below you will find some helpful questions you may want to consider before you book your DJ for your wedding day.


1. Where is your event?

If you plan on having a destination wedding in Maui, but your DJ lives in Los Angeles he may charge you a lot more for travel expenses. This may end up being a positive though since you will be able to meet him in person rather than trying to book someone over the phone.


2. What time of day or season are you having your wedding?

If you expect your DJ to be outside during a rainy season he may charge you if any damages occur to his equiptment due to the weather. Also if theres a chance of it being cold and you are outside will you need to rent heaters?


3. Would you invite your DJ to your wedding as a guest?

Again this is someone you are trusting with coordinatng your day. You should feel comfortable with who you hire as if you were inviting them to your party as well.


4. What is the vision that you have for your event?

Many DJ's will show up with their music equipmet and play music. If you need or want something more than that make sure you discuss it before your DJ quotes you a price. If you want a DJ to play music, an MC to talk to the crowd and make announcements, fun party lights for dancing the night away, a photo booth for your friends and guest to take pictures, and custom lighting to set the mood as people enter your reception then this will effect the price which any professional DJ would not be able to accomplish by your initial phone conversation. Schedule meetings and sit with them face to face.


5. Who should come to a sit down appointment with your wedding DJ?

Whoever is going to share your vision of your wedding. If you love music but have no idea about decor, which just so happens to be your mothers specialty, then invite mom to join you as well (especially if she is writing the checks). If you have no idea of what songs people would like to hear and your maid of honor loves to go out dancing, ask her to join you.


6. WIll you need a DJ to set up and play music for your ceremony and reception?

Many DJ's will arrive and set up before your wedding reception begins which is included in the hourly price. If you're getting married at a country club at 2pm and there is a cocktail hour till 3pm you want your DJ there and set up, not sweating and lugging in his equipment in his jeans and t-shirt while your guest come over from the ceremony. Many DJ's charge more money for multiple set ups as well so check with your wedding location Event Planner to see if they have equipment available for you to use if you're on a tight budget. 


7. What do you expect your DJ to wear to your event?

If you're having a Hawian themed wedding and everyone is wearing shorts and beach themed shirts, make sure your DJ doesn't show up wearing a tuxedo. It sends a message to your guests that he's not engaged in your special day. But on the other hand, if you're having a black tie event and guest will be coming wearing their best outfits, you don't want your DJ wearing jeans and a polo shirt.


8. How open to creative suggestions are you?

Every bride is different. Some need help with just about every detail and some have a very detailed and outlined game plan for their wedding. Make sure that you communicate where you stand with your DJ. If you're on a tight budget listen to his options and what he has to offer and reprioritize if something sounds really wonderful to you. The majority of brides surveryed after their wedding say that they wish they would have spent more money on the things they really wanted. If he still seems like he's being to pushy or trying to sell you something you don't want, he may not be the one for you. Wherever you stand make sure you communicate with the DJ that you're interviewing about how open you are to creative suggestions and budgetary restrictions.


9. Do you have a timeline for your event?

Hittman Mobile Music helps brides create timelines of their entire event to make sure that the day runs smoothly. When considering the timeline of your event remember that you have guest that want to get up out of their chairs and visit with you and others but also don't want to miss the special things you planned for your day. Some timeline events include

- Grand Entrance of Bridal Party or just the Bride and Groom (How do you want to be introduced?)

- First Dance

- Money Dance

- Cutting the Cake

- Ice Breakers to get people on the dance floor

- Anniversary Dance

- Garter/Bouquette Toss

- Slide Shows

-Father/Daughter Mother/Son Dance

- Time for Dancing

As you can see the amount of time can get pretty crammed quickly. Talk with your fiance and decide which events you must have, and which events are negotiable. Not all DJ's offer this sort of service so again it's important that you are hiring the right person for your event that meets your needs. 


10. What songs are your must have's and which would be on your DO NOT PLAY lists?

One of the best ways for a DJ to prepare for your wedding or private party the best is to be given a Must Play and Do Not Play list. His musical selections shouldn't be solely from these two list but it will help him to gauge what kind of music you and your guest enjoy the most. If I were to see that a bride and groom chose a lot of Bob Seger, Rolling Stones, and Lynard Skynard, I'd think it'd be safe to say that it would be ok to also play "You Shook Me All Night Long" by ACDC or "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. If someone comes up to request the Macarena it also makes it easier for your DJ to tell guest that you specifically requested that it not be played.


These are just a few short suggestions to help you ease your wedding worries when hiring a professional DJ for your wedding. If you have any questions feel free to email me at, ask a question on our facebook page, or call me at 805-208-2171. if you'd like to sign up for our email newsletter that is filled with coupons for discounts on your wedding or private party enter your email at the bottom right corner of the screen. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Daryl Hitt


Hittman Mobile Music.


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