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Games and Icebreakers

If you want to engage your guests for your private party, choose one of our games or ice breakers for your private or corporate event.  

Balloon Bomb
This is a fun game for kids and a great ice breaker for adults. The players are asked to form a circle and pass around a cylindrical balloon between their legs. When the music starts the participants start passing the balloons. When the music stops, whoever is left with the balloon is asked to leave the game. The last person in the game wins a prize.

Musical Chairs
This is a great game to play for kids of all ages. Chairs (one less than the amount of kids playing) are placed on the dance floor side by side and back to back. The kids are directed to walk and/or dance around the chairs until the music stops. Once the music stops, the kids are to find the nearest seat and sit in it. At the end of each round, one chair is removed. A child that was not able to find a seat is asked to leave the game. The last child in the game wins a prize.

Freeze Dance
This is a great game to play with all of your guests. The object is simple. The guests are asked to dance to a song and then freeze when the music stops. They are to remain frozen until the music starts up again. The person or persons who did not freeze, or unfreeze before the music started up again, are asked to leave the game. The person remaining wins a prize.

A great classic that everyone can play and the kids will probably win! The object of the game is to lean backward and dance under a horizontal pole without touching it. Each person gets to go one at a time (sometimes two) to see if they are up to the challenge. After each round, the pole is lowered. If a guest touches the pole or the floor, or falls to floor, they are disqualified from the game. The last person left is the winner.

Present Wrap (also known as Mummy Wrap)
This is a hilarious game to play. This is fun for the kids and the guests watching. Each child is asked to volunteer their mother, father, or anyone willing to help them play this game. Then they are directed to wrap them up in toilet paper on the dance floor. Note that bows, ribbons, or any other type of wrapping may be used. Once all the wrapping is complete, the guests get to vote (by cheering) on the best wrapping job. The kid with the best present wrap wins a prize.

Name That Tune
All participants come to the dance floor. The DJ plays a song and the first person to raise their hand and name the song and artist wins a small prize. This game is best played when the group is able to be split into teams.

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